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Hawaii Over a decade of creating natural products in Hawaii

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Personal Paradise is dedicated to providing Hotels/Resorts with a brand specifically to set you apart from your competition.  Every image and scent your hotel provides either adds to or detracts from that total immersion experience.  It’s the little things- shampoo and soap fragrances, personal care products – that make the difference between a completely elated guest who wants desperately to return to your Hotel/Resort, and the moderately satiated guest who will be happy to look elsewhere the next time he or she visits.  That’s why a Made In Hawaii, high quality product is so very important to your hotel’s image.  Low quality soaps, shampoos that don’t lather well, or bland institutional fragrances reflect poorly on the image of a hotel.  Guests won’t necessarily praise your amenities if they are satisfied, nor will they necessarily complain if they are dissatisfied, but you can be sure that guests who experiences the joy of Hawaii in every sight and smell, every second of his visit, will want to come back.

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Made in Hawaii bath and body products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion,
body wash, and soaps for Hotels and Resorts, and now retail shops!

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